Nevine Fathy is a London based artist. She studied painting at the American University in Cairo, attended short courses at the Plymouth University of Art and obtained her fine Art Diploma at the Art Academy in London. She participated in several group exhibitions and currently teaches beginners painting at the Art Academy, while preparing for her upcoming exhibitions. 

Fathy is interested in nonverbal communication and the relationship between the figure and the space it inhabits. She explores the notion that the range of human emotional experiences remains universal despite the vast variety of cultural influences, which creates an emotional resonance with the viewer as they conjure their own narrative in the flavor of their personal history.

The sources of inspiration for the subjects of her work are many; observation, imagination, memories, photos or a combination thereof. She captures fleeting or lasting moments in the presence or absence of humans in space.

She experiments with different mixing mediums, surfaces and painting applications to achieve a variety of marks, influence her painting process and introduce the element of chance. She lets her work flow intuitively as dictated by the image as well as the viscerality and materiality of the paint.