I am a London based professional artist with a passion for oil painting and a fascination with art's ability to bring forth the Form from the Formless. More than an occupation, painting for me is a meditative exercise that shifts my attention beyond the personal self, an experience I seek to replicate for the viewer through artwork, which explores themes revolving around the universality of human experience, body language, and non-verbal expression. 

I create imagery, which sits at the threshold between realism and fantasy, challenging the viewer's perception of physical appearances. My work is primarily figurative, set against abstract architecture and with a visual emphasis on the relationship between the figure and it's surroundings. The ambiguity of the space I render aims to release the viewer from the predictable, anticipated appearance of the physical world. Through simple shapes, light, and shadows, the composition becomes an invitation to an inward journey; a psychological narrative which doesn't attempt to rationalize itself in tangibles.

A large part of my creative process is taken up by conceptualization. I usually start work on a new piece by combining several physical elements, images, or objects into a new composition. I explore many arrangements, allowing the parts to shuffle themselves until they emerge as a new whole, conjuring a distinct narrative. I experiment with different mixing mediums, surfaces, and painting applications to achieve a variety of marks and to open my composition to some degree of chance. I am excited by the unknown; l let my work flow and watch as it evolves and takes form, never knowing beforehand exactly what it will become.

The sources of inspiration for the subjects of my work are many; observation, my own imagination, memories, photos, or a combination of some or all of these have inspired my artwork in the past. Currently, I am working on pieces which explore a woman's perspective of the challenges of being female in a traditionally conservative society existing in contemporary times. For inspiration, I am walking the streets of my home city, Cairo, watching everyday scenes take place against backdrop of old, local architecture, and waiting for the subtle and hidden clues to the lives and lifestyles of people in this part of the world to reveal themselves to me and stir a new narrative.